DiVerse Studio – 392 Oxford St Mt Hawthorn WA

Come into the Diverse studio in Mt Hawthorn where Di is painting live every day. Di is happy to talk about each painting and explain her inspiration and the underlying meaning behind her artwork while you peruse the gallery halls.

Browse the online artwork gallery for all past and present paintings. If you find a piece you’re interested in get in touch to discuss further.

A must-see experience

Di will be painting, with wonderful full colours of Hot Pinks and Oranges for ASHC and our Indian Ocean and red earth of the Far North West. Her canvas will come to life in front of you. With every brushstroke, something familiar can be recognised from Western Australia.
Her artwork is painted with beautiful vibrant acrylics in pure pigments and luxurious paint flowing across the canvas.
Include DiVerse Studio this weekend for the opportunity of a lifetime.

I strive to be inventive, creative, inspiring and always compassionate, To be complacent is not an option!

Di Taylor


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