"Touching the Ground Lightly' OPENS on 25th March 2015 at DiVerse Studio 6-9pm. Di Taylor Has joined forces with Ben Brennan so, please come and see this whimsical body of landscapes from land a sea. The exhibition from 25th March to 13t5h April 2015. RSVP essentail by email lik here on this page. 'Swallows" Iridescent rivers, fire and flood, erupt in volcanic fury. Swallows arching the heavens, raining down, spiralling, arching through, reborn in celestial light. By Jan Altmann

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Upcoming exhibitions- DiVerse Studio, North Perth, The Studio Gallery, Yallingup and Jahroc Gallery, Margaret River.
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'Swallows Hunting'
Acrylic on Canvas91 x 152cm